101 S. Colket Avenue PO Box 160
Kerens, TX 75144

Phone: 903-396-2971

Email: info@ci.kerens.tx.us


Moving to a different location within the city:

To transfer service from one address to another, call us in advance (903)396-2971 so that service will not be interrupted. We will need the date you expect to move and the address where you are moving to update our records. There is a $25.00 fee for transferring service and it will be included on your first bill at the new address.

Moving out of the city:

If you are moving out of the City of Kerens please call us at City Hall (903) 396-2971 , and tell us when you want to discontinue service at your old address. Your deposit will be applied to your final bill. If there is still a balance or if you anticipate a refund, be sure to leave us your forwarding address, so that we may send the remainder of your deposit or a final bill.