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Court Issued Warrants

In most cases, when a warrant for arrest is necessary, a notice is sent to you at the address shown on your ticket. The notice outlines the violations charged against you and fines associated with the warrant.

The Court will issue a warrant when:

  • You fail to make a plea to violations shown on your citation
  • You fail to comply with the Orders of a Judge
  • You do not complete a payment plan or fail to make payments as promised.

Resolving A Warrant

Your warrant may be canceled if you plead “No Contest” or “Guilty” to the warrant charge and pay the fine. If you want to plead “Not Guilty” to a charge after an arrest warrant has been issued, you must come to the Court to post the required bond and obtain a court date to see the Judge. If you fail to dispose of your warrant, your warrant will be actively pursued.