101 S. Colket Avenue PO Box 160
Kerens, TX 75144

Phone: 903-396-2971

Email: info@ci.kerens.tx.us

Garbage Collection

Residential Garbage Service in the City of Kerens is provided by Republic Services.

  • (903) 874-8717 or (800) 874-2351

New Residential Service:

  • One 95-gallon cart will be available to each residential and curbside commercial unit.

Collection Times:

  • Garbage Collection is once per week on Thursday.
  • If a major holiday occurs during the week, garbage collection will be delayed until Friday.
  • Cart must be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 am on service day. This is when the trash trucks begin the route.
  • Please place your cart at the curb no earlier than 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening & remove the cart from the curb no later than 10:00 pm on Thursday after it has been serviced.

Bagging Requirements:

  • All waste must be bagged & contained INSIDE the cart.
    • Bagging waste helps to keep the city clean by preventing blowing trash when the cart is dumped into the garbage truck.
    • Waste outside of the cart will not be collected.

Cart Placement:

  • Cart must be at least 3 feet away from any other object including other carts, parked cars, meters, fire hydrants, utility poles and mailboxes.
  • When placing the cart at the curb please make sure the cart handles are facing your house so that when the cart is lifted, the lid opens towards the street.

Cart Replacement and Addition:

  • Additional Carts are available for order for an additional fee of $7.25 each per month.
    • To order, please call the city of Kerens at (903) 396-2971.
  • Cart Replacement Broken/Damaged carts will be replaced or repaired by Republic Services
  • Stolen carts will be replaced after the resident makes a report to the police as a theft Carts are the property of Republic Services and must remain at the address at all times.

Assitance for the Disabled:

  • Assistance for the disabled will be provided to those households that have no able-bodied person to transport the cart to the curb.┬áPlease call Republic Services at (903) 874-8717 or at (800) 874-2351.
  • Bulk & Brush collection – is once per month on the LAST Thursday of each month.
    • Please call Republic Services to schedule pickup at least one day prior to service day. Collection will include up to 2 bulk items and up to 2 cubic yards of cut & bundled brush.

Bulk Items:

  • Examples (stove, refrigerator (must have CFC’s removed by a licensed technician), water heater, washing machine, dryer, furniture).
  • Bulk collection does NOT include construction debris, hazardous waste or items with weights too great to be safely loaded into the collection vehicle. Bags and bundles should not exceed 35 pounds each.
  • Brush should not exceed 4 feet in length and limbs 4 inches in diameter.
  • Bundles should be securely tied. Leaves should be dry and securely bagged. 2 cubic yards = a pile that is 6’L X 3’W X 3’H